Affiliate Consultants


Affiliate Consultants


Judy Perlman

Judy Perlman has worked as a nonprofit CEO in greater Boston and, nationally, as a consultant assigned by HUD to help communities throughout the US to strengthen their services and strategies to address homelessness.

In 2019, her collaborations with Pear Associates include working on projects related to strategic planning, helping social service agencies prepare for major state procurements, and winning approved-vendor status to facilitate city-level stakeholder engagements.



Abby Shockley

Abby Shockley has dedicated her career to working with and for nonprofit organizations, university systems, and state government on social service and public health related issues, primarily in the area of behavioral health. Through these roles, she has demonstrated experience in building organizational capacity, design and implementation of innovative and sustainable programs, and leveraging partnerships to expand reach and impact in the community. Ms. Shockley serves as a consultant to small and large agencies working to identify opportunities for growth, compliance, and revenue diversification. She specializes in grant writing, designing programs that leverage third party reimbursements, and is intimately familiar with substance use disorder and behavioral health services across the continuum of care.

In 2019, her collaboration with Pear Associates has included working on projects related to helping state agencies submit for competitive Federal funding.